We teach business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease.
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  • Digital  Marketers
  • High Ticket  Sales Consultant
  • Consultants &  Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Digital  Marketers
  • High Ticket  Sales Consultant
  • Consultants & Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
        What we're building at EcourseU is innovative and fresh and this is all thanks to the commitment to help digital marketers, high ticket sales consultants, and trainers, learn more, earn more, give more, and re-invest more...

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Servant-Leadership and digital marketing built our business.

ECU Digital was founded in 2020 by Cathy McReynolds – a Kingdom Business Leader, strategic advisor, consultant, encourager, and author.  For two decades Cathy has been providing consulting and servant-leadership to the business, marketing, and sales community. ECU Digital is the agency that brings your vision to reality, all fueled by her passion, commitment, innovation, and insights to see you win in life and business.

Providing Highly Effective Systems and Processes That Save Time, Increase Revenue And Maximize Profitability

Systems are in our DNA, and they always will be. But to drive true business growth we look at the bigger omnichannel picture. No academic theories, no vague “ideas”, no fads. No fluff! We implement the systems and latest technology for your business’s sustainability and growth you can rely on. 
Providing a radical, dramatically different blue ocean in the way customers, clients, patients, or prospects are attracted and in the way products, services, businesses, and practices are branded. We're a “world change movement,” establishing ourselves, niches, businesses, industries, and professions. 
Servant Sales Solution Teams are still a “best-kept secret”―its practitioners are in a “secret society.” It―and only it―offers real protection from commoditization, Amazon-ization, price, and profit destruction. It is soundly based on well-proven strategies dating from the turn of the century to the present times.
Our sole focus is to improve your bottom line, we’ve come to understand that while results are a big focus – it involves, staffing augmentation, and ongoing traditional and digital training, with quality individuals. It’s really about the people, and for every person, we help in their careers, your company and the world get that much better.

Our Services

We help companies Grow, Scale, and transform

We’re practitioners, not generalists.
 Our company was built to provide deep expertise in 
digital channels that are extremely challenging, and changing daily. 
We offer simple solutions with unique services and 
deliverables designed to unlock optimum funnel growth.

Digital Intelligence 

Your clients, customers, or patients, desire a personal connection to the brands they prefer.  The ECU Digital team lives by this creed and uses data, technology, and analytics to optimize and connect with the people that you serve and go on a daily journey with them, which builds a best friend-like relationship. Those insights, build trust and make our marketing more addressable and the customer touch-points feel like a welcome guests instead of annoying pests.

CMOS expects and deserves more from its digital marketing dollars. Our supercharged analytics specialists deliver dashboards and predictive models that help both internal and external teams make the right decisions and optimizations.

Focal Points

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Client Journey Mapping
  • Data Analytics & Insights
  • ​Dashboard Development Reporting
  • ​Buyer Development
  • ​Conversion Rate Optimization
Delivery Model
     People Focus + Data Driven =  Results
At any given moment, a change is happening. 
Gone is yesterday's tech and today the new thing is the latest and greatest in the eyes of the consumer. 
That’s why we hover high and low so our teams are always in the know. 
Our “Special Warrior Unit” can detect, stare at, and analyze any complex challenge,
 and then team up with our client solution services team to get in action and stay ahead of the curve...

Digital Intelligence

Defines the people you serve, brand
messaging and measurement

Paid + Earned

forward-focused strategies from their practitioner's team

Tools And

Create efficiencies and enables synergies

Sales Solution

Offers real  protection from commoditization, Ammonization, price, and profit destruction

Client Acquisition

omnichannel collaboration and client success soulutions

Ready to Serve More & Earn More 
 And Unlock Your Brand's Potential?

Let us help you create and connect your brands to your favorite clients, and customers across omnipresence
 digital touch-points with targeted, highly relevant, and personalized experiences. 
We’re people-led, and data-driven which leads to results.